We are collaborating with Pulse of New York. We will help you navigate through today’s evolving healthcare system.

Services in Hospitals, Doctors Offices & Rehab Facilities

Our professional advocates are dedicated to help ensure that your voice is heard, and that your care is individualized to your needs, resulting in a better patient outcome. We will work with you in collaboration with your healthcare team and insurance companies.

Advocacy Services are offered in the hospital, at your doctor’s offices, or in your home.

Patient Advocacy Services

EducationProviding our seniors with understanding of their medical treatments, laws and legal rights, medical billing processes.
SupportSurrogacy assistance for our senior with family who are unable to assist.
SafetyProviding information on patient safety practices, policies and standards all in efforts to reduce medical errors and re-admissions.
EmpowermentEnsuring your voice is heard and encouraging our senior and their family to take a more active role as part the healthcare team.
Medical FacilityHospital Advocacy and assistance at the doctor’s office as well as discharge assistance.
EmpowermentConnecting our senior and their family with appropriate services, access to resources, support groups and organizations.

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