Running Errands

Running Errands

Running an errand with a loved one, grocery shopping There are always more errands to run.  There is always a list of things that need to get done.  Every house hold has the an active and never ending list of things that have to happen.  You need to get to the grocery store or to the bank.  There are prescriptions that need to be picked up from the pharmacy.

As we get older, running errands on a daily basis does not end.  In a lot of ways, the places we need to go may even get longer.  Hobby and craft stores and even the hardware store become regular destinations.

At Home Senior Care’s Companion Care services is an attentive and compassionate type of non-medical care we specialize in.  One of the services provided to seniors is helping them with daily tasks like grocery shopping, dry cleaning, picking up prescriptions, and going to the post office.

As your loved one age, driving becomes more difficult.  Medical conditions or eye-sight changes make driving a challenge if not unadvisable and even impossible. Delivery services that specialize in delivering groceries can go a long way.

We Help People Maintain their Independence

Our trained and caring Companions spend several hours with your loved one helping with several areas of life including preparing meals and running errands.  We know you would love to be there for your loved ones whenever they need something done, but you have your own lives and have to work and other family obligations.  Engaging a Companion does not mean you have failed your loved one.  Quite the contrary, our Companions supplement the care that you already provide.

Helping your loved one with personal tasks is just one of the ways At Home Senior Care makes your loved one’s lives a little easier while letting them maintaining a high level of independence.

Call At Home Senior Care at 855-419-3109 or use our contact form today to discuss our Companion Care Services and how we can help with aging parents, aunts, uncles, or siblings who need a little assistance with their day to day activities.