24 Hour Monitoring

We are collaborating with Full Circle America offering a new approach to Eldercare. This AT HOME technology monitors health and activity in the home while keeping health care cost down.

Cameras, Sensors, Video calling, Alert button, Tech support

The Monitoring Service is an affordable at home support system for those who wish to live independent and remain in their home and in the community rather than a facility.

This technology is built around the individual and his or her needs, goals and aspirations. It is a new way of thinking and a new way of caring which represents a new way of empowered aging.

Why Have 24 Hour Monitoring?

There are major benefits to aging in place. People are happier and remain healthier when they are in their own space. Most people are living longer and have a more active lifestyle. Your loved one are staying in their homes longer.

There are so many reasons why it is a great idea to stay in your home, but there are also things you need to consider. Does the home have a lot of stairs? Is the bathroom safe? There are things you have to consider that you had never thought about before. Is the area rug secured or does it move when you walk on it?

After years of living in a home, you don't even see the risks or dangers, and for most people, those risks are negligible. As we get older, these risks start to grow exponentially, even for an older person in relatively good health. Strength and reaction times are down and what had been a lifetime nuisance or quirk is now a hazard.

Reduce Emergency Response Times

Emergencies are responded to in minutes. A simple slip and fall in your home can turn in to a life threatening emergency. Our 24 hour monitoring service uses a combination of technologies to keep your loved ones safe. Sensors detect movement. Cameras are in place. Alert buttons keep your loved ones safe.

Live independently

Aging in place is a great way to remain active at home and in the community. The entire family can be assured that our 24 hour monitoring service is protecting your loved one. Live independently. Live at home and enjoy your life. Monitoring lets you do all of that safely.

Keep Healthcare Costs Down

Active monitoring gets help to your loved ones quick. A fast response leads to a fast recovery. Active monitoring lowers the risk of aging in place. We provide a peace of mind when you know your loved ones are safe.

Our Monitoring Package Includes

Person centered care which focuses on individual needs, goals and aspirations
24 hour non-intrusive monitoring system
Video cameras with night vision
Motion sensors alerts when triggered
Door sensors
Temperature sensors with alerts if the home temperature is <50 or >90 degrees
Medication reminders live or automated call
Chronic care management including vital signs collection
Skype video calling
Alert button providing quick connection for urgent needs
24/7 at-home call center support to meet the needs of elders and their families
Enables adult children of older individuals to stay connected via video access
Match elders with services that can help keep them in their home longer
Creating each person’s own Circle of Caring

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