Meal Preparation

Meal Preparation

meal preparationNew Yorkers love their food.  As New York is a melting pot of cultures and ethnicity.  We have access to so many different styles and types of food that most places couldn’t even dream of.  Whenever people talk about New York, at some point the food is going to come up.  It is just absolutely incredible.

Even when we cook at home, we take what we know from our experiences and try to make new things for ourselves and our family.  Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t.

As we age, we make some changes to how we eat and where.  Spicy food might not have the same appeal.  Eating out and trying new places may happen less.  The kids have moved so large family meals are replaced with smaller ones.  You may also decide to be less adventurous at home settling on a few meals that you like.

Cooking meals can be difficult at times.  Too often we see people who no longer want to cook and cannot afford to go out either eat less, skip meals, or settle for frozen dinners whenever they want to eat.  Often family will cook and either invite a loved one over for bring food to store for several days at a time.

One of the services we provide as a part of our Companion Care services is Meal Preparation.

Attentive and Compassionate Care

Our Companions offer attentive and compassionate care for seniors in their home.  They will assist your loved ones with running errands, such as grocery shopping, then help to prepare the meals they will have for the next few days.

Our companions are not executive chefs, but they can and will help with simple, yet nutritious meals that your loved ones will want to have.  Eating will once again be enjoyable!

Meal Preparation is just one of many services provided

Meal Preparation is just one of the many services that our Companions provide.  Other services include Light Housework, Running Errands, Shopping, and incidental transportation.

We know you would rather be able to take care of your aging parents or family members on your own.  However, with the responsibility of work and kids and their extra-curricular activities, it is hard to be there every day.

Call At Home Senior Care at 855-419-3109 and let us supplement your time making your daily life less stressful and your loved ones life more enjoyable.