Housecleaning and Allergies - What Can You Do?

Housecleaning and Allergies - What Can You Do?

The Spring – it may bring about a lush green landscape and blooming flowers, but it may also leave you with sneezing, wheezing, and the need for thorough housecleaning.  Tons of pollen in the air leads to itchy and swollen eyes, uncontrollable sneezing, and runny noses for many. Going outside can certainly be unpleasant due to allergies that cause many to be uncomfortable. However, some of the causes of allergies actually come from the indoors and keeping a clean home can reduce allergens and the discomfort associated with them.

While we can’t prevent what stems from Mother Nature, it is feasible to do what we can to ensure that the interior of our homes is regularly cleaned and as allergen free as possible. Keeping a tidy home is essential to remove what is brought in from the outside, to preserve maximum comfort, reduce stress, and promote better health. Although, this is no small feat. It seems like there is endless laundry, always a floor to clean, and never a surface dust-free. It can be possible to keep a home dust, allergen, and pollen-free with the following light housekeeping tasks.

Bedroom Cleaning

Let’s start with the bedroom. The easiest way to keep this room free from allergens is to wash sheets, pillowcases, and blankets weekly, in hot water. Simply keeping up with this laundry can enhance comfort in your bedroom. Additionally, using dustmite-proof pillow, mattress, and box spring covers takes it a step further and is extremely effective and simple.

Make sure to vacuum the floor regularly and wash rugs if possible. Furthermore, try to close the windows and utilize air conditioning to block pollen from coming in. If you do choose to open the windows, clean the frames afterward to remove all pollen and outside particles. Regularly wipe down furniture and remove items that collect dust from plain sight. Don’t forget about furry friends – if possible, restrict them from access to the bedroom for the time being.

Living Room Cleaning

Cleaning the living room involves similar tasks. Wash rugs and floor mats weekly, clean carpeting or wood floors periodically, and vacuum. It is recommended to purchase a vacuum cleaner with a small-particle or high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter. Consider looking into furniture made of leather, wood, and/or plastic if you have upholstered sofas. These materials do not accumulate dust and particulates as easily. We suggest that gardening is kept outside right now, and avoid wood-burning fireplaces or stoves that can worsen respiratory allergies. Natural gas fireplaces, however, do not pose the same problem and can be the perfect substitute.

Kitchen Cleaning

The kitchen, the heart of the home, is an area that can get super messy quickly, as meal preparation takes place here and dishes are washed. Therefore, the last thing you want in a room full of food is pollen! First, make sure to wash the sink daily. Remove all food debris and mold from the entire sink and faucet. Another simple way to keep your kitchen tidy and allergy free is by removing moldy or expired food from the refrigerator. Wipe down excess moisture and accumulated particles, and empty the dripping pan regularly. Cabinets and countertops never seem to be clean, so make sure to scrub them daily, if possible. Prevent pests by keeping all food in sealed containers.

Bathroom Cleaning

Last but not least, the bathroom. If not already installed, you can put an exhaust fan in place to reduce moisture during baths and/or showers. Also, regularly clean the toilet and bathroom sink. Allergies are not a huge concern in this room, but keeping the bathroom clean is important for any homeowner.

The Key to Keeping Clean 

Keeping a tidy home can be overwhelming, especially to someone with limited strength or mobility. The companion care that we provide, can assist you or your loved one with light housecleaning tasks, in the event that help is required. Our caregivers are available to help in any of the aforementioned rooms and all around the house. They can also assist with running errands and several other tasks that are required on a day-to-day basis.

You do not have to do it all on your own! Contact At Home Senior Care (516-826-6333), based in Long Island, New York for a consultation to explain how our services work and what we can provide in relation to light housekeeping and beyond for you or your elder relatives living independently.


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