Non-Medical / Companion Care

Offering attentive and non-medical compassionate care for seniors at their homes, our professional companions provide non-medical assistance along with caring and attentive services. 

Meal Prep, Light Housekeeping, Errands, Shopping, Incidental Transportation

Making Care Affordable

Our quality home senior care is affordable, specializing in offering responsive and non-medical compassionate caring giving family peace of mind. We are committed to providing the highest levels of care so your loved one can enjoy an enhanced quality of life.

Compassionate Caregivers

We understand that leaving your loved one in someone else’s care can be stressful. You may be uncertain about whether they are receiving the best possible care. We are dedicated to delivering the most compassionate care from reliable caregivers who put the needs of your loved one first. Our highly trained companions treat each senior with dignity, consideration, and respect. With their extensive specialized training, they are often seen as “part of the family.” Our caregivers are our employees so we take care of payroll, scheduling, taxes, insurance, and worker’s compensation.

Keeping your loved one at home is vital to their sense of identity and belonging. They have built lasting memories and remaining in their home can provide them with peace of mind and security. We are dedicated to delivering the comprehensive care that keeps seniors home for as long as possible.

What is Non-Medical Companion Care?

People are living longer and maintaining good health longer than they ever have. Since people are in better health, they are living at home longer. The idea of going to an assisted living or even an independent living facility is not an attractive one.

Aging in Place

The idea of aging in place has been gaining in popularity. This is the idea that as our loved ones age, they will stay in their own home. The comfort and familiarity is a great benefit to their health and well-being. People want to stay in the place of their greatest memories.

Not Without Its Challenges

The two main challenges to aging in place are safety and companionship. As our loved ones age, changes need to be made to house to make it a safe environment. Safety rails in the bathroom, security cameras, and even devices to help get up and down stairs are great ways to keep your aging loved one safe.

Another main concern is companionship. This is a concern when a spouse has passed and friends have moved away. Non-medical companion Care services ensure that your loved one has someone there for some time during the day. Non-medical companion Care is a great way to break up the day, and get help with things like housework, running errands, doing laundry, all of the things that have become more difficult with age.

Benefits of Non-Medical Companion Care

Ideally you would like to be with your family member, but work, kids and other responsibilities take up a lot of your time. Companion Care is not a substitute for you, but rather an addition to the time and care you give. Our non-medical companions are there to spend some with your loved one and to help get them through the day. Loneliness and the fact that simple chores are now more difficult can be very frustrating. Having someone there to help or to just be a person to speak with and listen can be a great comfort to them and a relief of stress for you.

Our Companion Care Services Include

Meal Preparation
Light Cleaning
Incidental Transportation

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