Advocate Career

Advocate Career

Being an Advocate for the elderly is a growing field that is vital to the health and wellbeing of our clients.

As an Advocate, you will be assisting our elderly clients with navigating their healthcare and medical insurance issues which can be extremely stressful and confusing to them.  You will be working with the client’s doctors, hospitals and insurance companies to ensure that the clients voice is heard and that they are getting the proper instructions and guidance to deal with their different medical issues.

At Home Senior Care’s Advocacy program helps our clients through their appointments and hassles of insurance.  Advocates ensure that our client’s care is personalized to their needs.

Conflicting medications and procedures are a leading cause of health issues among older Americans. An advocate will make sure care is safe and thorough. They provide information on patient safety practices, policies and standards all in efforts to reduce medical errors and re-admissions.

Families are trusting At Home Senior Care to provide these simple, but important services to their loved ones.  We are looking for the right people to provide these services.

Are you organized?

Can you easily understand and relay information?

Are you good at keeping documentation?


Are you good with the elderly?

Have you cared for a loved one?

Are you fond of the elderly?

Most importantly, are you a caring and patient person?

If you can honestly answer YES to these important questions, you will be able to make a real difference in people’s lives while giving their family a strong peace-of-mind that the details of their loved one’s medical care is being documented and understood to avoid any confusion, accidents or other issues.

Want flexible hours in a profession that keeps seniors in their home? Flexible days, evening, and weekend shifts available.

AGE IS NO BARRIER. We need friendly, cheerful, dependable people.

We are Long Islands leading AT HOME SENIOR CARE solution.

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