Holiday Planning Tips

Holiday Planning Tips

The holidays are time for gathering with family, giving gifts, enjoying traditions and reveling in seasonal decor and music. Consistency with seasonal customs can assist with providing your loved one with activity and joy. We’ve created a list that covers each aspect of holiday planning to be sure that your family has the happiest of holidays and can continue creating joyful times together.

Meal Planning
Food is one of the most essential elements of holiday time. Typically, meals are planned in advance, so it is worthwhile to make a few considerations pertaining to your elderly loved ones before scripting out a menu. Most important, acknowledge any dietary restrictions and be sure to make adjustments to accommodate. Share this information with any additional parties that will handle meal prep to ensure that there is plenty for your loved one to eat. Holiday feasts also tend to be traditional, so it could be special and appreciated if you could incorporate your loved one’s beloved recipes into the current celebrations. Now that the preparations are in order and a plentitude of food will be available, be sure to think about and prepare for leftovers. This way, your family member will have multiple meals, making one aspect of their daily living easier for them.

Holiday decor can be extremely beneficial in lifting a senior’s spirits, especially since many of the decorations could be treasured heirlooms that bring back special memories. Whether internal or external placement, speak with your loved one to find out what can be utilized and where the items are stored and should be placed. Help with setting up will also allow you or other family members to spend time with someone that may be suffering from loneliness. Sending cards and displaying around the home can also evoke warmth and happy thoughts.

Travel Preparations
Arrange for accommodations and transportation if traveling is necessary for your loved one. See our previous post on traveling with seniors ( for more tips. If travel is challenging or your family member is mainly homebound, offer to hold celebrations in their home, if feasible. Propose to take care of planning and preparations to avoid any disruption to their daily life. Understand that weather can be unpredictable and have a back-up plan in case of inclement conditions.

Giving and Gifting
Gift giving is a long standing tradition during the holidays and if your senior relative is still looking forward to gifting to others, consider the help that they may need with shopping for gifts. If shopping outside the home may be challenging, opt to shop online with them. If the gifts are to be delivered to their home and wrapped, ensure that someone will be available to accept deliveries and assist with unpacking packages and wrapping. On the opposite side, when selecting presents for this family member, think about what may be helpful to them. Meal delivery services or entertainment-related items may be especially helpful to lessen the burden of meal arrangements or alleviate boredom.

These pointers will help to create smooth, safe and special holidays.  If you require an extra hand, or are out of town, contact At Home Senior Care to find out how we can assist with helping to continue making all of your loved one’s holidays extra special.

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