24-Hour Care for your Loved One

If your loved one insists on being independent, remaining in their home and community rather than moving into a facility, there is technology available that will make aging in place a less stressful option for you and your family. Customized to your loved one’s individual needs, goals and aspirations, 24-hour monitoring technology allows the elderly to feel empowered and self-sufficient while their family can be assured that their loved one is protected all day, every day.
Consisting of cameras, sensors, video calling, alert buttons, tech support and more, our 24-hour monitoring service allows your loved one to safely live independently. Additionally, active monitoring passively keeps healthcare costs down. With fast response times come a faster recovery and less time spent in a hospital or physical therapy center.
Our monitoring package includes:

  •  Customized personal care assessment
  • 24-hour non-intrusive monitoring system
  • Video cameras with night vision, audio-free to maintain confidentiality and respect privacy
  • Battery-powered motion sensors with a triggered alert system
  • Door sensors with a triggered alert system to track the departure and arrival of your loved one and/or visitors
  • Temperature sensors that monitor extreme cold (<50⁰) and extreme heat (>90⁰) within the home
  • Live or automated call medication reminders and daily check-in calls from caring and attentive staff
  • Chronic care management to track and manage conditions such as heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and more
  • Skype video calling
  • Touch Reports showcasing annotations of when our staff comes in contact with your loved one
  • Alert button providing quick connection for urgent needs
  • 24/7 at -home call center support
  • Cloud-based video access to stay connected anytime, anywhere, even via mobile phone

This service is brought to you by At Home Senior Care in collaboration with Full Circle America. Empower your loved one to age in place with our 24-hour Care. Contact us today to learn about all your options and if 24-hour Care is suitable for your loved one.

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