Safety and Travel Tips When Traveling with the Elderly

Traveling with elderly parents can be a struggle, but it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your vacations. Below we have listed some safety and travel tips that will help make your traveling experience and vacation 10 times better.

Consult Doctor

First and foremost, confront your elderly’s parent doctor. It is so important to make sure the doctor gives his or her approval. If the doctor isn’t comfortable with it there might be a good reason why. Doubling checking with the doctor never hurts and might be able to give you some things to watch that you weren’t aware of beforehand.

Transportation through Airport

Transportation through the airports is big. Making sure your elderly parents gets the proper accommodations to move around the airport. Airports are big and have a lot going on, therefore making sure there is a wheelchair ready for them is so important. This will allow them to move comfortably around the airport to make sure they make their flight on time. Another important thing to note here is that if your parent is 75 years of age or older, they do not have to take their shoes off and can travel through security with a light jacket. This is definitely a good thing to help make the airport travel easier.

Wearing the Proper Clothing

Wearing loose clothes when traveling is also crucial. This helps to regulate their body temperature to help prevent a heat stroke, hypertension, and high blood pressure. Wearing loose clothes helps to avoid blood clots when sitting or standing for long periods of times. Therefore, when traveling doing this is a must.

Drinking the Proper Fluids

Drinking lots of water while traveling is important. Dehydration can cause fatigue and interfere with blood sugar levels. Avoiding caffeinated drinks and alcohol is essential. WATER is the key here and making sure they are drinking lots of it.


Making sure they have all their medication is a must. It’s so important to keep a set of their medication on their carry-on bag just in case luggage gets lost. When traveling getting medication isn’t easy so making sure you have enough is important.

Researching your Destination

One really important thing to do when traveling with elderly people is to research your destination. Know what is in the area in terms of hospitals and pharmacies. While your doctor might have given the approval to travel you never know what can happen, so knowing what to do before just in case an emergency arises will be so beneficial to you and your loved one.

These safety and travel tips will help make traveling with elderly people a lot easier and worry free for you. If you have any questions, feel free to give At Home Senior Care a call today for your free no obligation consultation!

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